The process was painless from extraction, to stud fitting, to fitting the implant. I am really please with the result.

How long will the implants last?

The long term success of dental implants is now well established.  Maintenance of implants is quite easy – the standards of oral health and hygiene that we recommend normally at our oral health education appointments is all you need to ensure that the bone support around the implant will be maintained.  Providing good dental health is maintained, there should be no reason why the implant itself should not last a lifetime.  Crowns and bridges fitted onto implants experience the same wear and tear and have the same life expectancy as conventional units – typically 10 years for bridges and 15 years for crowns.

One of the advantages of Bicon compared with other implant systems is the long-term stability of the basic design.  This gives us confidence that we will always be able to replace a Bicon abutment even in 20 years’ time – which is not the case with all other implant systems.

What happens if I have problems with my implants?

After-effects of surgery are possible when you have implants placed.  Different patients react in different ways. Some have almost no after-effects, some might only need Paracetamol to relieve minor discomfort, but others can experience some pain and swelling and need to be seen for follow-up care.  From our survey, one third of our patients needed no pain relief at all, and nobody reported still feeling any discomfort after a week.

As part of our commitment to our patients we give them a telephone number that will enable them to contact Dr Janet Barker directly in case they have any post-surgery problems.

How much will it cost me?

This depends on how many implants you need.  A single “standard” (Bicon) implant will cost from £2,000, including the crown. We can combine implants and bridges, so to replace 4 teeth would need 2 implants and a bridge, costing between £5,000 and £6,000.

A “mini” (Imtec) implant to retain an existing denture will cost from £500.  A lower full denture can be retained for as little as £1,500.

Please note that these are price indications only:  we can give you a much better estimate of costs at a consultation at the surgery – which is free of charge.