I feel positive about the benefits of implants and Janet’s after care was very good.

Standard Implants (eg. Bicon) are fitted by a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic.  We usually offer Relative Analgesia (laughing gas) to help you relax, but can also provide sedation for nervous patients.  The implant sits below the gum and is left for 4 – 6 months to integrate with the bone.  Alternatively, the implant may be placed directly into the socket following an extraction.

The second stage of the procedure is to prepare the implant to receive the crown.  This involves fitting the Abutment and taking an impression as for a normal crown.  The crown is then made in our laboratory, and is ready for fitting after about 4 weeks.

As an alternative to a crown, the implant may be used to retain a denture.  In this case the abutment incorporates a press stud that engages into a fitting in your denture.

Mini implants are also fitted under local anaesthetic and the procedure is less traumatic than having a tooth extracted.  We numb your gum, drill a very small hole and then screw the implant in gently.  We then take an impression for a crown or fit a press stud retainer to your denture which locates onto the implant. This can be done in one session, but we prefer to leave the implant for about 12 weeks to settle before fitting the press stud.   A small hole is cut in your existing denture so that it can be fitted over the implant and we fit a soft lining to your denture to improve retention during this short interval.