The process was painless from extraction, to stud fitting, to fitting the implant. I am really please with the result.

How Can We Help You With Dental Implants?


Dental implants provide an alternative to a denture or fixed bridge and can also be used to anchor dentures.   We have been fitting patients with implants at Combe Road Dental since 2004 and have achieved a high degree of success and patient satisfaction.  Our implant patients range in age from their early 20’s right up to the mid-80’s.  In a recent survey of more than 40 of our previous implant patients, nearly all said that they would seriously consider returning to us for further implants – and some have already done so. See what our patients have to say about implants


Janet Barker and Richard Mears provide free implant consultations for all patients and we can call on Dr Chris Bell, our specialist oral surgeon, to treat the more difficult cases.  Using Chris’ expertise and our favoured Bicon implant system, we may be able to offer cost-effective solutions where other clinics are unable to help or have proved too expensive.  Nash Blundell, our resident dental technician, is also on hand to ensure we achieve exactly the right appearance and colour match for you.

Dental implants can change your face for the better and boost your self-confidence.  Teeth provide the face with structure – you’ll know what that means if you’ve ever seen someone without their full set of teeth.  People who are unhappy with their natural teeth or dentures often lack confidence because they are uncomfortable about their appearance. They don’t smile.  Dental implants have the power to transform the way people feel about themselves.

Missing teeth and loose dentures can make eating difficult, and many denture wearers suffer from ulcers because their denture rubs.  Dental implants fix the denture so you’ll be happy with your smile and able to eat a broad and healthy diet – without hurting your gums.