Root canal treatment (RCT) is needed when the nerve in a tooth dies or becomes hypersensitive due to tooth decay or, perhaps, injury caused by impact to the tooth.

Eventually, an abscess forms when the nerve dies. This shows itself as increasing sensitivity to hot food and drink or tenderness to touch or pressure.  It is a very painful condition. One immediate form of treatment is to remove the tooth; however, it may be possible to save the tooth through root canal treatment.

Unfortunately, not all dental practices undertake this treatment themselves and either extract the tooth or refer to a specialist. Here at Combe Road, we regularly carry out RCT if our patients need it.  We clean out the infection and seal the root to prevent future infection.  Root canal treatment like this has a high success rate, although it is a very skilled and time-consuming procedure, so you will need to allow adequate time for the appointment.

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