At Combe Road we really believe that prevention is better than cure, so all our patients are offered free of charge our Patients Preventative Plan (PPP).

We have specially trained dental nurses with a certificate in Oral Health Education. This course takes place over one to two years and is a Level 4 NVQ. These nurses can give you advice on how to improve your oral health and reduce the amount of dental treatment you may need in the future.

The PPP involves:

  • Advice on choosing the dental products most suitable for your needs
  • Help to understand the treatments the dentist has recommended
  • The OHE can discuss your treatment plan with you and answer your questions in order for you to choose the best plan of action
  • Help to review and improve your long-term dental care regime, providing you with education based on scientific research
  • Provision of advice on Tooth Whitening and other cosmetic treatments