FillingsWe do all we can to help you avoid the need for fillings, including our free PPP oral health advice sessions. However, sometimes fillings are necessary.

There are basically two types of filling – white and silver

Modern white filling materials are now very good and can be used for all areas of the mouth. They take a little longer to place than the traditional silver filling but can be made to look just like the real tooth, giving you a beautiful smile again.

Amalgam (used for silver fillings) is a very strong and effective material and can give better performance in some circumstances. Amalgam fillings are recommended where strength and durability are of primary concern.

There has been much discussion about health concerns regarding the mercury content of amalgam. However, research has shown consistently that the level of mercury in amalgam fillings does not constitute a health hazard to the patient. Nevertheless, current advice in the UK to pregnant women is to avoid having amalgam fillings placed or removed until after the baby has been born.

Please discuss your treatment with the dentist to decide the best type of filling for you. We will be happy to talk about the options with you so that you can decide what type of filling you would prefer.