Denture & Denture Repairs

New Dentures

You may not be aware of this but there are many types of denture (false teeth) available to suit different patient needs including:

We can advise you and provide the ideal denture for your needs.  Our dentures are made on-site by our own skilled technician to ensure we achieve the best possible appearance, fit and comfort for you.  If you have problems with your dentures why not come along and talk to us. Denture retention can be particular problem for patients who have had dentures for a long time. Implants can help by providing a positive anchor – instead of carrying a crown or bridge, the implant incorporates a press stud that clips the denture in place

Denture Repairs

We can also repair broken dentures – even if we did not supply them in the first place.  If you drop your dentures in before 10 o’clock in the morning we will usually be able to return them to you by 5 o’clock the same day.


Denture & Denture Repairs







To say I felt distraught when told I needed to have a tooth extracted was an understatement, more so because the gap was going to show. A denture was offered as a temporary measure and fitted straight after the tooth was removed. I was amazed at how good it looked thanks to Nash the technician, and how quickly I became used to it. In six months’ time I will be assessed for an implant but in the meantime I can smile with confidence.

Going into Hospital?

We have been told of a few unfortunate situations where dentures have been lost during stays in hospitals or care soft homes. This makes it difficult for the patient to eat, which can hinder their recovery, and also affects the patient’s appearance and speech – which is not good for their dignity and morale.

We can help to guard against loss of dentures. If you, or a friend or relative, are due to spend any time in hospital come and see us and we will give you a box to keep the dentures in when they are not being worn. The box can be marked with your name to make it easier for hospital staff to identify. For just £25, we can also embed your initials into your dentures and then remove them (if you wish) on your return from hospital.