Are you really happy with your smile?:

All our treatment is aimed at giving you a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. Your smile is one of your best assets. It gives you confidence in making first impressions and helps you feel your best so you can really enjoy special occasions.

We can give you the smile you deserve with a full range of treatments including: white fillings, tooth whitening, veneers, orthodontics, implants and natural-looking dentures.

White Fillings

White fillings are preferred by many people because they don’t show when you smile and also because of worries about the mercury content of silver (amalgam) fillings. Silver fillings were used for back teeth because white fillings did not last as long. However, there have been many advances in filling materials over the years and we are now able to offer white fillings for back teeth as well.

Cosmetics and Veneers


Veneers have a high profile nowadays with the cosmetic makeover programs. They are a thin layer of tooth coloured material, usually porcelain, which covers over any defects in the tooth and can change the colour and shape of the tooth.  Veneers are a good option for stained, chipped or uneven teeth where the underlying tooth is still basically healthy.

Our laboratory technician is available at the time of your appointment to help us achieve the best possible shape, size and colour.


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