I was led to believe a root canal filling would be my worst nightmare. The reality was a painless stress free experience with the added reassurance that my holiday abroad would not be spoilt by toothache.

A very big Thank You for a good outcome to a “fear” confronted.

 Rumour has it that a root filling is extremely painful – it is not. Apart from the initial injection, which is incidentally far less painful than anticipated, the procedure itself is painless. I doubt that there is another patient more nervous than me, but if I had to undergo the treatment again I would without hesitation.

I worried that it would be very painful and that my tooth would fall apart. However I felt no pain during the procedure and it was very interesting because I was told what was happening at each stage. Afterwards I was slightly sore but great my tooth was saved and no more pain!! Thank you!

I was dentist phobic until I came here but not any more! In fact I nearly fell asleep during root canal work – yes it really is that painless and peaceful and that was without ‘happy gas’! Thank you Janet. P.S. Even injections don’t hurt with the “magic gel”.

Find out whats going to happen, enjoy the experience don’t worry at all. Put your headphones in and relax. I fell asleep.

My expectation was that a root filling would be a painful experience. This was not the case and was totally pain free and not unpleasant in the least. I have no fear as to a need for a future root filling.

Root filling sounds bad but no different from a normal filling – just a little longer! A bit of jaw ache from having your mouth open for so long, but otherwise painless! Definitely worth it to save the tooth.

For the last 2 years I have needed a root canal filling and I’ve been putting it off as I was under the impression it would be the worst experience ever. However Janet’s work was the best dental experience I’ve ever had and I felt no discomfort whatsoever. Thank you Janet.