I found the use of the Laughing Gas relaxed me prior to the treatment and I left with a smile

I was terrified but the gas was great. I will not be terrified again.

From someone who was very nervous, I must tell you that the gas and air is a must, I will not be nervous again.

I had happy gas at the age of nine, its great stuff though and if you had a tooth taken out by the dentist I would recommend laughing gas – ha ha ha

Just try it. Its great. It takes all your fears away.

I almost fell asleep in the middle of the gas and and air process. It feels cool in the gas and air. It makes my mouth feel a bit numb

Tried happy gas as I’ve always been nervous in a dentist chair. Really works, am now happy to come to the dentist. Thanks Janet

The gas is great – I’ll keep coming to the dentist.

So much better than being terrified. I don’t dread going to the dentist anymore. I wish I could have it at home.

The gas is wonderful. I would come to the dentist anytime.

Before I came to this dentist I had not been seen by a dentist for 14 years. I was petrified at first but then with the RA gas I felt more at ease. I have been coming here for 6 months and on the last visit had no gas. They make you feel at home.

RA makes you much less anxious and totally relaxed. Makes a visit quite enjoyable. The gas also wears off quickly with no side effects.

Its great stuff! You feel all happy and relaxed! Don’t be scared its amazing!

Having the “Happy Gas” has transformed the way I feel about a visit to the dentist.

I was terrified but after experiencing the gas I would never be scared to have anything done again. Try it, if like me, you dread the dentist. With gas they feel like your best friend.

A big “thank you” to my dentist for introducing me to “laughing gas” prior to a filling. It was my best ever dental experience.

I was incredibly nervous about having everything done but the gas was fabulous. Had 2 teeth out and felt so relaxed. I was almost asleep!  Definitely recommended. I’ll be back again!

The gas is a great help when having a filling as I am petrified of the dentist. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like the dentist.


“COOL” not scared any more I’m a “happy bunny”. Going to the dentist was a nightmare with my daughter but we have come here and the results as you see above are fantastic a ‘real must’! Thank you

After many years of avoiding dentists, thanks to Mrs Barker and the use of ‘RA’. I now cheerfully make regular visits!

The Happy Gas (RA) has transformed my visits to the dentist.I do not feel nervous anymore.

I have just had a filling using Happy Gas – when can I have another? It is absolutely fantastic, breath in as much as you want/need and relax. In recent years I have become more anxious every time I needed treatment. Although I would push myself to actually get to the appointment I would be in the chair silently screaming “Let me out of here!” The Happy Gas took all the stress away and I found myself admiring the picture on the ceiling and enjoying the calm, relaxing atmosphere. Thank you! S.T 

A lifelong phobia has now GONE! After 50 years! Well done!

I used to be petrified of any dental work, but now happy Gas changed all that and it’s a relaxing experience. Time goes so quickly.

I will never be frightened of the dentist again. Laughing Gas made me feel relaxed and not worried. I had 2 teeth out and didn’t care.