I was really pleased with the speed at which I saw results and did not find the brace uncomfortable at all. I am a teacher and didn’t want to wear my brace at school, so the removable brace was ideal.

It was a quick, painless procedure that I am over the moon with, not only is it much easier to keep my teeth clean now, it has given me the confidence to smile and they look great!

The finished result is amazing; at long last I have straight front teeth and no longer feel self-conscious when I smile.

At the age of 44 I finally made the decision to have my uneven front teeth straightened. The Inman Aligner meant I had the flexibility to take it out for eating and social events. The speed at which the teeth moved was amazing and after only a few months my teeth were perfect!

Just wanted to say, thanks to you I now have my smile back after 45 odd years. I’m going to miss your friendly assistants – especially Steph who always makes me smile.