I’m absolutely delighted with my new teeth. They were like my own the next day. Money well spent. Thanks to everyone at Combe Road Practice.

Dear Janet,Following our appointment earlier today I would just like to say thanks and to reiterate how pleased I am with the results of my Implant Surgery.

I have been using a partial Denture for the last 46 years – I had 8 teeth removed in one day when I was 16 years old! The idea of implant was something I had considered – but always delayed until my visit to Combe Road Dental late last year. At that time, you might recollect, the possibility of having 4 Implants in the same procedure was not good as my jaw bone density was poor. However following meetings with yourself and Chris Bell we finally decided to go ahead. It’s taken a little time – but the commitment of yourself, and colleagues has given me back my real smile, and I found the procedures quite easy to manage. I particularly appreciated the provision of the special guard made for me to use immediately after the major implant procedure very useful. It allowed me to eat quite well, protected the site, and helped me to keep the area clean. At no time did I get any infection or real pain – a tribute to modern medicine!

The whole procedure has rightly taken some time. But I feel the outcome has been well worthwhile.

Thank you all for your care and professionalism. I threw the Poligrip away today!

Implants are well worth going through a little discomfort for the feeling of not even knowing I’ve got dentures now because it’s so secure. I can chew well and even bite into apples now without it moving.

I am an 85 year old patient and have just had the first part of my implant done.  I am very pleased with the surgery and attention – expertly done.  I felt comfortable with everything and had no pain afterwards.

I have been delighted with my new tooth. The whole process was less painful than I expected and I would not hesitate to repeat it should another of my teeth die.

The process was painless from extraction, to stud fitting, to fitting the implant.  I am really please with the result.

I was given a temporary denture which I used for 6 months.  I found this really ghastly and was very conscious of it & the gap if I chose (or forgot) not to wear it.  I couldn’t wait to have the implants fitted & was very excited about my “new” look.  That part of the procedure was fine & they looked really great.  I would definitely go through it all again if needs be. I am so thrilled with the outcome. Thank you.

When tooth implants became a possibility it solved a problem of my having lost teeth in the past.

The procedure was nothing to fear as the mild sedation given was enough to feel at ease whilst remaining fully conscious.

Hard decision to make because of cost but really when it meant other teeth would not be affected seemed the best solution.

I feel positive about the benefits of implants and Janet’s after care was very good.