Just wanted to thank you for bringing my smile back again. I had an accident biting on a crusty roll, breaking off my upper front tooth. I was mortified when told that I would lose the tooth. My retired dentist recommended me to Janet Barker, who I visited with some trepidation. I was soon put at my ease and have subsequently been very impressed with the work of your practice in replacing the lost tooth. You can’t tell it’s not my own. My appearance is very important in my business as I have to meet and speak with people all the time. Excellent!

To say I felt distraught when told I needed to have a tooth extracted was an understatement, more so because the gap was going to show. A denture was offered as a temporary measure and fitted straight after the tooth was removed. I was amazed at how good it looked thanks to Nash the technician, and how quickly I became used to it. In six months’ time I will be assessed for an implant but in the meantime I can smile with confidence.