Dental Care Plans

Most patients appreciate the benefits that private dental care offers, including:

  • comprehensive range of treatments, including cosmetic work
  • emphasis on preventative care
  • regular dental examinations to detect problems before they become painful
  • availability of appointments

However, patients may be worried about the possibility of unexpected dental bills hitting their household budgets.  Dental Care Plans (capitation plans) enable you to spread the cost of routine dental care over fixed monthly payments and also provide accident and emergency insurance so you don’t have to worry if you are away from home.  Some plans also provide interest-free finance for the more expensive items that lie outside the scope of the basic scheme, such as dentures, implants and cosmetic dentistry.
Dental Care PlansDenplan
Denplan is one of the best known dental care schemes.  We are accredited by Denplan and are happy to take on existing Denplan patients who wish to transfer from another practice.  Or, we can help you to enrol as a new Denplan patient.


Smiletech Care PlansSmiletech
In addition to Denplan, we also offer our own Smiletech scheme which has been designed carefully to meet the particular needs of our patients and reflects our preventative dental care philosophy.  Because this is an in-house scheme, we can be flexible in the range of care plans and payment options we offer.